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“I believe more money in the hands of women will change the world.”

- Tamar Hermes

Each Retreat is a Transformative Wealth-Building Experience



Amplify Your Investment Know-How

Gain deep insights into advanced investment strategies and real estate opportunities to confidently grow your portfolio.

Expand Your Professional Network

Connect with a community of successful, like-minded women, fostering relationships that can transform your wealth-building journey.

Accelerate Your Path to Financial Freedom

Learn actionable steps and personalized strategies to quickly navigate towards achieving lasting financial independence.

Get ready to master your wealth-building!

Are you tired of:

  • feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of investment options and strategies?
  • watching your financial goals remain just out of reach, despite your hard work and savings?
  • missing out on lucrative investment opportunities due to a lack of knowledge or confidence?
  • navigating the wealth-building journey alone, without a supportive community of like-minded individuals?
  • uncertain financial advice that doesn’t seem to align with your aspirations for growth and freedom?

Our retreats are for you if:

  • You’re determined to transform your financial future and crave strategic guidance to do so.
  • You value the power of community and seek to connect with like-minded women on the wealth-building journey.
  • You’re ready to dive deep into real estate and investment strategies to significantly grow your wealth.
  • You aim to achieve financial freedom and want actionable steps to make it a reality.
  • You believe in using wealth as a tool for positive impact and desire to leave a lasting legacy.
  • You’re committed to understanding real estate investing strategies and getting connected to opportunities.
  • You need complex ideas broken down to make and keep more money.

What You Get

Strategies & Real Estate Investing Opps

Learn about the many ways to investing real estate and clarify which step is right for you.  Learn how to analyze the numbers and your criteria.

Expert-Led Workshops

Grow and expand a bigger financial vision. Understand a deeper layer of your relationship with wealth to achieve your next-level goals.

Actionable Wealth-Building Strategies

Break down your investments and get feedback, saving participants tens of thousands. Learn how your investments work and make educated and empowering decisions.

Grow Your Network of Influential Women

Forge lasting connections with a community of like-minded, high-achieving women, expanding your network and opening doors to new opportunities.

Enhance Your Relationship with Money

The stress over money and having enough is a theme that runs through most women's lives, even as we accumulate  it. Learn to break those blocks and fears to expand to the next level of wealth and stop chasing more.

Luxury Accommodations

Stay in exquisite accommodations that promise comfort and elegance. Enjoy gourmet meals, wellness activities, and leisure time that complement your learning experience, ensuring you leave refreshed and motivated.

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Let's build wealth together | Let's build wealth together | Let's build wealth together | Let's build wealth together |

Let's build wealth together | Let's build wealth together | Let's build wealth together | Let's build wealth together |

Retreat Testimonials

Retreat Testimonials


Past Speakers

Amanda Han

Keystone CPA, Inc.

Justin Donald

The Lifestyle Investor

Amber Spears

Four Rooms Mastermind

Tim Jooste

CEO & Founder of Koin Games

Christene Marie

CEO & Founder of The Knowing Group

Martha Picciao

Founder & CEO of Whiz Kidz Preschools

Julie Neas

Chief Financial Officer at ThriveFP

Hans Box

CEO/Partner at Box/Wilson Equity

Karen Hall

Self-Directed IRA Expert/CEO at uDirect IRA Services & OCREIA

Sabrina Truscott

Artist, Success & Business Coach

Robert Napier

Managing Partner at Harrison LLP

Carlyn Neuman

Attorney, Broker

I’m Tamar Hermes

Like most successful women, I worked my butt off to get where I am today.

When I started building wealth through real estate, I hired the top CPAs and financial advisors, only to find that there was never a clear answer to my questions. I also battled having to unpack limiting beliefs about having money because I grew up without any or role models for a wealthy life.

I could not understand how to build a lasting portfolio and learn the strategies of the rich.

But before giving up, I decided to take the reins into my own hands. Then, I started to share my knowledge and collaborate with other women on the same mission to grow generational wealth. Having the right resources and connections and sourcing wisdom from other successful women was profitable and fun.

It took me decades to learn how people make and keep money through investing and wealth strategies. I wish this mastermind existed when I started making money. I think of the millions I would have saved.

That is one hard lesson I learned. You may lose money, but you can make more and understand the process of growing wealth, so you win way more than you lose.

Our retreats are an in-depth dive into wealth-building with my best connections, guests, and wisdom to ensure you leave with a ridiculously satisfying ROI on your time and money.

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