Learn The Master Formula

The WBC Wealth CODE System™

Empower Your Financial Future with Proven Strategies and Real Estate Investing

Learn The Master Formula

The Women's Wealth CODE™

Empower Your Financial Future with a System that Ensures Lasting Financial Success to Feel and BE Wealthy.

Unlock the doors to financial prosperity with the Women's Wealth Code™.

This comprehensive system puts you on track to integrating the components necessary for lasting wealth.  Take pride in having the support to learn your numbers, integrate profitable real estate investments that you can understand, and master a wealth mindset once and for all so you no longer have to live with the stress, uncertainties, and disappointments around securing and creating a prosperous financial future.


The Women's Wealth Code™

Unlock the full potential of your wealth with our exclusive CODE system, a step-by-step approach.


Discover how each element of CODE can transform your financial journey:


Clarity on you and your Financial Goals

Gain precise understanding and set clear, achievable financial goals tailored specifically to your personal circumstances and aspirations. Discover how much money in enough and align your wealth aspirations with the life you desire.


Optimized Real Estate Ventures

Learn over 11 ways to grow wealth in real estate investing. Get confident with the numbers and find the strategy, location, terms, and variables that works best for you.  Find ways to source the best opportunities and most profitable strategies.


Disciplined Wealth Mindset

Feel wealthy. Be wealthy.  You can make money, grow businesses, buy real estate, invest, and build the life of your dreams with extreme levels of joy. Live abundantly without underlying stress and struggle through the disciplined wealth mindset proven process.


Empowered Wealth Mastery

Ensure your trust, entitles, investments, and insurance are all in place to secure your legacy.  Leverage relationships with CPAs, trusted advisors, and partnerships. Master
 asset diversification, tax strategies, and access to an exclusive passive investment group in a powerful community of like-minded women.

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What You'll Learn

  • Financial Mastery: Understand how your money works and master the art of allocating resources and leveraging assets for maximum growth.
  • Real Estate Acumen: Discover profitable investment opportunities and learn how to manage risks effectively to ensure sustainable success.
  • Retirement Planning: Get the most out of your retirement plans with strategies that maximize your financial growth.
  • Risk Management: Become confident in minimizing risks and mastering the understanding of your investment returns.
  • Wealth Identity: Embody the mindset of a wealthy individual and understand your 'enough' number to tailor your financial goals precisely.

Course Structure

Part 1: Clarity on You and Your Financial Goals

Learn to precisely break down your financial goals, balance your portfolio, and take charge of your finances with confidence.

Part 2: Optimized Real Estate Ventures

Navigate the real estate market with expert guidance, avoiding common pitfalls and leveraging tax-advantaged strategies.

Part 3: Dynamic Asset Diversification

Diversify your investment portfolio strategically to ensure balanced growth and understand the full potential of your assets.

Part 4: Empowered Wealth Mastery

Implement your strategies effectively with a clear action plan, leveraging professional advice to secure and grow your financial legacy.

Exclusive Mentorship and Community Support

  • 4-Month Group Mentorship: Engage in six 90-minute live sessions with Tamar and her expert team, following a step-by-step strategy to master your financial investments.
  • Annual Access: Gain exclusive access to an investing group offering 10+ high-yield deals annually.
  • Continuous Learning: Join our private Facebook group for a monthly membership, continuing your growth with community support.

Your Bonuses

  • Private Financial Assessment Session: A 40-minute one-on-one session with Tamar, valued at $5,000.
  • Exclusive Invitation to the Investment Group: An additional 40-minute consultation focusing on investment strategies, valued at $5,000.

Ready to Transform Your Financial Life? 

If you're ready to take your wealth to the next level, wishing you had the knowledge to grow your wealth confidently, The WBC Wealth Code System™ is designed for you.