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Why Build Wealth With Other Women

High-Level Conversations

Scaling at multi-seven and eight-figure levels has its own set of challenges and requires a level of expert speakers and conversations to address with peers who can relate to one another.

Never Lonely

Successful women in real estate and business often reach a point where they outgrow their communities and crave a group of women to share wins and challenges with so they can grow with peers at their level.

Redefine Your Legacy

At a certain level of wealth, more choices about what you leave behind come into play. It is also challenging to know how to protect your assets. These are challenging and meaningful discussions that come with lots of questions.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Wealth?

Join Tamar, a dedicated wealth-building coach who empowers women to elevate their financial landscape through real estate and exclusive investments. Step into a circle of driven, like-minded individuals in Tamar’s Inner Circle and gain the tools, knowledge, and connections to build a prosperous future.


Are you ready to:

  • Empower Your Financial Identity: Adopt a powerful relationship with money and self.
  • Build a Resilient Portfolio: Access resources that help solidify your financial base.
  • Create Valuable Connections: Network with high-caliber individuals who can propel you forward.
  • Secure Your Legacy: Plan and prepare to pass on your wealth for generations.
  • Live Abundantly: Embrace life fully, knowing your financial foundation is solid.

Why Join Tamar’s Inner Circle?

Joining the Inner Circle means stepping into a realm of exponential growth, where each member is committed to not just enhancing their own financial well-being but also supporting one another. Here’s what sets us apart:

Exclusive Access

Dive into a world of cash-flowing deals and hard-to-find investment opportunities, all vetted for their potential to significantly boost your portfolio.

Trusted Leadership

Learn from and with leaders who have not only navigated the path to financial freedom but have done so with integrity and success. Their insights are your roadmap.

Savvy Investor Education

Transform into a savvy investor with our comprehensive education modules, designed to elevate your understanding and execution of wealth-building strategies.

Community Wisdom

Share in the collective wisdom of a community of women who are on the same journey as you. Accountability and support from peers who understand your ambitions and challenges.

Legacy Protection

Uncover the strategies to safeguard your wealth for generations to come. Learn the truths about legacy planning and asset protection.

Wealth Consciousness Expansion

Embrace our CODE System to grow your wealth consciousness and unlock exponential financial growth.

What You'll Get

 The Inner Circle is designed to offer you unparalleled access to resources, knowledge, and opportunities that are the keys to unlocking your financial potential. Here’s what membership brings to your doorstep:

Monthly Accountability & Education Calls

Expert Guest Speakers

Savings on WBC Retreats

Investment Opportunities & Exclusive Group Membership

Private Community Access

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Are You the Right Fit?

Tamar’s Inner Circle is not for everyone. It’s a committed, energetic community focused on growth and positive outcomes. Before applying, ensure you are:



Ready to tackle hard decisions and actively enrich your portfolio.


Prepared to invest in yourself and embrace calculated risks.


Believe in the power of giving and receiving with a collaborative spirit.

Inherently Optimistic

Confident in finding solutions and making bold moves.


Join Tamar's Inner Circle

Step into a circle of exclusive, like-minded individuals driven by the pursuit of wealth and personal growth. Tamar's Inner Circle is a private community focused on advanced wealth-building strategies, particularly through real estate investment.

Benefits of Joining the Inner Circle:

  • Direct access to Tamar for personalized coaching and advice.
  • Exclusive investment opportunities not available to the public.
  • Regular mastermind meetings to refine strategies and share insights.
  • Networking with high-achieving professionals who share your financial goals.

Ready to Elevate Your Investment Game? Apply now to be considered for Tamar’s elite mastermind group. Membership is limited to ensure personalized attention and a quality experience for all members.


Hear From Some of WBC's Happy Clients

"Joining the inner circle has been an incredible experience. From one strategy session alone, I got support identifying how I could maximize profits of my real estate portfolio which I am estimating will at least triple my monthly cash flow! The quality of this group is top notch."

Jonna Weber

"Joining Tamar’s Inner Circle has literally saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are so many moving parts when it comes to managing our family businesses and investments. Even with a skilled financial advisor, there were allocations of funds and real estate not addressed or considered. With Tamar and the group’s support I was able to identify investments not set up correctly, money that could be moved for more profit, and asset protection strategies for my kids. Dealing with finances is not my favorite thing to do, and Tamar makes it manageable and profitable too."

Allison Cromie

"Tamar helped me stay focused on my biggest opportunities for  financial growth. As a result, I purchased a building with an additional dental practice increasing my gross revenue by 25% annually. I have also diversified an allocation of my income to passive deals in real estate, growing a second income stream without me having to do the heavy lifting."

Christy Frady