Private Wealth Building Consultation


Private Wealth Building Consultation

Unlock Elite Wealth-Building Success

Elevate your wealth-building journey with Tamar’s exclusive 1:1 consultation. This personalized service is designed for individuals ready to significantly grow their portfolio and maximize returns through strategic real estate investments and financial strategies. With an in-depth analysis and tailored action plan for your personal estate, Tamar offers a unique opportunity to refine your investment approach, ensuring every aspect of your wealth-building strategy is optimized for success.

Tamar dedicates her expertise to a select few, accepting only five new private clients each year. This exclusivity guarantees focused attention on your financial goals, allowing for a deep dive into your current holdings to uncover the most effective paths to enhanced profitability and returns. The 1:1 consultation is your chance to work closely with Tamar, crafting your next strategic moves and solidifying the foundation of your wealth for years to come.

How It Works

A Three-Step Process to Financial Mastery


Step 1

Discovery and Goal Setting

Begin with an in-depth discovery session where Tamar learns about your financial landscape, aspirations, and the life you aim to create. Together, you’ll set clear, achievable goals for your wealth-building journey.

Step 2

Strategic Planning and Optimization

Receive a personalized action plan that outlines strategic real estate investments and financial strategies tailored to your unique situation. Tamar’s expertise in optimizing portfolios ensures every decision moves you closer to your goals.

Step 3

Implementation and Growth

With Tamar’s guidance, implement your tailored strategies, leveraging her exclusive resources and connections. Enjoy ongoing support and accountability as you make real progress towards amplifying your wealth and solidifying your financial legacy.

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Seize this opportunity to transform your portfolio under the guidance of a seasoned wealth-building expert. With limited spots available, ensure your place among those who choose to prioritize their financial legacy. Join Tamar’s elite circle of private clients and set your wealth on a trajectory towards unparalleled growth.


"The investment opportunities I got through working with Tamar, I would have never had access to without the right network. One deal alone made me 20+% annualized and I got all my capital returned in under 24 months. I am still collecting mailbox money on that deal too! As a busy doctor, I don’t have the time to manage properties so passive investing has been the best way for me to grow my portfolio in real estate. This is a supportive environment. Tamar and the others truly want to see you win."

Alice Park


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