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 Get clarity over your finances, invest in real estate &  secure your financial destiny with the Women's Wealth Code.

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Making Driven Women Wealthy

Master your financial destiny with real estate investments and wealth-building strategies.

FREE QUIZ: What Kind Of Real Estate Investor Are You?

Clarity on you and your financial goals. 

Optimized real estate opportunities.

Disciplined and committed wealth mindset.

Empowered wealth mastery for today and for your legacy.


You’re Ready to Upgrade Your Wealth Beyond Imagination

Tell me if this doesn’t sound exactly like you and what you struggle with:

  • You’ve been navigating the financial landscape with prowess, yet you sense there’s a higher summit to reach.
  • You know that despite your success, your portfolio isn’t working as hard as it could be.
  • You’ve followed the traditional paths, invested wisely, yet you feel the there is always an underlying stress over money. Is there enough and will it all go away?
  • You’re at a crossroads, knowing that to truly safeguard your legacy and achieve unparalleled financial freedom, a shift in strategy is not just beneficial—it’s essential.

I Hear You.

You are ready to get good at making your money work harder for you and to grow a healthy relationship with wealth. You’ve proven your ability to make money, but now, it’s time to redefine what growing lasting wealth looks like for you. The journey ahead is about transformation—transforming your portfolio, your mindset, and, ultimately, your legacy.

Turn your portfolio into a dynamic engine for financial freedom that empowers you.

The journey to financial freedom requires more than just savings and investments; it demands a strategic transformation of your portfolio into a dynamic engine that works tirelessly for you. We specialize in guiding ambitious women like you through the complexities of wealth management, ensuring your portfolio is not just diverse but also meticulously optimized for growth, resilience, and cash flow. Learn the art of making your money work smarter, not harder, unlocking the doors to financial independence and the freedom to live life on your terms.

Our approach is tailored to empower you with our signature Wealth Code that will take you through the process of both tactical and mental steps so that you can FEEL WEALTHY and BE WEALTHY.

Whether you’re looking to integrate real estate into your investment mix, optimize your assets for maximum growth, or access exclusive investment opportunities, we’re here to highlight the path. 

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We align your aspirations and resources

to maximize your wealth potential by using…

The Women's Wealth Code™

Unlock the full potential of your wealth with our exclusive CODE system, a step-by-step approach.

Break through the complexities and confusion and build the portfolio of your dreams.

Discover how each element of CODE can transform your financial journey:


Clarity on you and your Financial Goals

Gain precise understanding and set clear, achievable financial goals tailored specifically to your personal circumstances and aspirations. Discover how much money in enough and align your wealth aspirations with the life you desire.


Optimized Real Estate Ventures

Learn over 11 ways to grow wealth in real estate investing. Get confident with the numbers and find the strategy, location, terms, and variables that works best for you.  Find ways to source the best opportunities and most profitable strategies.


Disciplined Wealth Mindset

Feel wealthy. Be wealthy.  You can make money, grow businesses, buy real estate, invest, and build the life of your dreams with extreme levels of joy. Live abundantly without underlying stress and struggle through the disciplined wealth mindset proven process.


Empowered Wealth Mastery

Ensure your trust, entitles, investments, and insurance are all in place to secure your legacy.  Leverage relationships with CPAs, trusted advisors, and partnerships. Master asset diversification, tax strategies, and access to an exclusive passive investment group in a powerful community of like-minded women.


Work With Us

It's time to end the mystery and stop getting bad advice about how to grow wealth.

"Working with Tamar brought my investing and money knowledge to a whole new level! I went from getting a 1% return on my savings to near 10% annualized through a real estate fund. She also gave me the knowledge I needed to buy and run my first short term rental and to look at my entire financial picture through a new lens of growth!"

Jessica Perrizo

Real Estate Agent & Investor

“I had all my savings in the stock market and  wanted to be a real estate investor but did not have the confidence and did not want to lose my money. With the support of inner circle, I leaned how to access opportunities, negotiate fiercely, budget more concisely, and manage my downsized risks. As a result, my portfolio is moving upwards quickly! I have learned strategies that have earned and saved me thousands! I made $60k profit on my first rehab project and am looking at an even larger return on the second. Even in this market!"

Meredith Royall

"The investment opportunities I got through working with Tamar, I would have never had access to without the right network. One deal alone made me 20+% annualized and I got all my capital returned in under 24 months.  I am still collecting mailbox money on that deal too! As a busy doctor, I don’t have the time to manage properties so passive investing has been the best way for me to grow my portfolio in real estate. This is a supportive environment. Tamar and the others truly want to see you win."

Alice Park


Meet Tamar

Tamar Hermes stands as a guiding force behind Wealth Building Concierge, dedicated to empowering high-achieving women to achieve financial freedom. With extensive expertise in real estate investment and wealth management strategies, Tamar offers a clear, actionable path for those eager to master the art of building and maintaining wealth. Her approach is grounded in the belief that with access to the right resources, strategic advice, and a supportive community, financial independence is not just a dream but a tangible goal for every woman.

At the core of Tamar’s mission is a commitment to demystifying the investment process, providing women with the tools and confidence needed to make informed decisions. Through the Wealth Building Concierge service, Tamar has created a platform where women can access personalized consultations, join the exclusive Wealth Building Inner Circle, and learn from the innovative CODE system. Tamar’s work is not just about financial advising; it’s about fostering a network of savvy, empowered investors who are ready to take control of their financial futures.

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