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Every woman deserves to thrive and become wealthy. An abundant woman serves as a role model for all other women.

Welcome to The Wealth Building Concierge

Welcome to The Wealth Building Concierge, where our mission is centered on advocating for women in wealth. We are dedicated to the belief that every woman deserves access to financial resources and the opportunity to build wealth. Our founder, Tamar, champions this cause, guiding women to change their financial narratives and impact the world positively. This commitment to empowering women is the heart of our philosophy and the driving force behind everything we do.

Testimonials & Experiences

From Constraints to Clarity

Growing up in Los Angeles as the child of a divorced family, Tamar experienced the stark contrast between the abundance she saw around her and the scarcity in her own life. Moving to a less affluent neighborhood at the age of 10, she felt isolated and less than her wealthier peers. With a father who was a Holocaust survivor, the complexities of financial stability were ever-present in her young mind. The desire for a better life was not just a dream; it became her mission.

Determined to carve out her own path, Tamar took her first job as a hostess at the age of 14. It wasn’t just a job; it was the first step towards independence, towards freedom. Saving every penny, she wasn’t just working to get away from the challenges at home; she was investing in her future.

Real Estate & Wealth Mastery

Real estate investment is a cornerstone of our strategy. Tamar has developed a series of targeted, actionable approaches to real estate investing that cater to both novice and experienced investors. These include:

  • Strategic Property Selection: Learn how to identify properties that offer the best potential for appreciation and rental income.
  • Creative Financing Solutions: Explore innovative ways to finance real estate purchases without overleveraging, maximizing your investment potential.
  • Value-Added Investments: Discover how minor improvements and strategic upgrades can significantly increase property values.
  • Market Timing Techniques: Gain insight into the best times to buy and sell properties based on market cycles and economic indicators.
  • Building a Real Estate Portfolio: Tamar guides clients through the process of building a diversified real estate portfolio that aligns with their long-term financial goals.

Engage with a network of like-minded individuals who are harnessing the power of real estate and wealth-building strategies to build and sustain wealth. Under Tamar’s guidance, our community members receive personalized advice and strategies, along with exclusive access to investment opportunities that aren’t available to the general public.

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A few more facts about Tamar:

  • I have a crazy love for street food

  • I meditate twice a day, every day

  • I am a travel junkie

  • I bought my first property at 28

  • I studied painting & photography in college

  • Tunafish on rye is my favorite sandwich

  • The Sound of Music is my favorite movie

  • I love bike riding anywhere

  • I don’t watch TV (Sorry, we won’t be talking Game of Thrones!)

Our Collective Journey

At The Wealth Building Concierge, we’re more than just a service; we’re a movement. We believe that with the right knowledge and tools, managing wealth doesn’t have to be an arduous task. It can be an empowering journey that offers not just financial returns but true freedom and fulfillment.

Join us as we navigate the path to financial mastery together. In our community, you'll find the support, strategies, and insights to not only grow your wealth but to live with the freedom and abundance you've always desired. This is our invitation to you: to learn, to grow, and to conquer the world of wealth together.

Welcome to The Wealth Building Concierge. Welcome to freedom.

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"Figuring out which properties to keep, whether to refinance, and which deals work best with my investment profile were not easy answers for me to figure out on my own and I needed more clarity to move forward. I left rejuvenated, confident, and with many new connections. I am taking action with moving some money around, looking into buying a business, and collecting double the returns from what my stock investments were allocating. Before I felt frustrated and stuck and now I feel excited and abundant."

Micky Daurelle

The Wealth Building Concierge Gives To Others

True abundance cannot exist without generosity.

A portion of profits earned at Wealth Building Concierge is donated to the Mona Foundation. Mona is a champion for fair education for girls and believes universal education and gender equality is the most powerful and effective way to alleviate global poverty. One woman educated impacts 100 lives. When we work together, you improve your life as well as the lives of others.

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